UnifootTMs unique patented design is based on a flexible rubber ankle that attaches a small, lightweight platform to most walking sticks and crutches.

Four-point contact is maintained with the ground throughout the full range of movement to reduce impact and increase stability on any surface including slopes.

UnifootTM also allows conventional walking sticks and crutches to stand unaided on flat ground or to be recovered from the ground without bending.

Tested to ISO safety standard BS EN ISO 11334-4:1999, UnifootTM comes with a full one-year warranty.

Why You Should Choose Unifoot... because

It can stands on its own



Compact in size

Can fit into adjustable walking sticks and wooden sticks

Inexpensive and value for money

Beautiful and elegant in look

Reduce Jarring

On all surfaces, rocky, sandy, wet floor and grass

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“The FIRST USER OF unifoot stabilizer  Singapore! Is the director's father, Wong Tuck Chin, born in 1916 deceased on Oct 20, 2006.

Testimonial from him

"My daughter shipped in the first shipment and gave me the first piece of unifoot stabilizer to replace my worn out normal rubber stopper of my wooden stick.

When I  first used it, the feelings is so different, its light! Its stable! and its flexible! Its beautiful, I walk around my Whampoa's neighbourhood every day with it.
I love it so much that she gave me another adjustable walking stick with a unifoot stablizer for me to use when I go out to further places."

Eunice's Dad

"In my capacity as a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist I would like to recommend the UnifootTM, which I have found to be more stable than a standard walking stick and less cumbersome than a Quadcane.

“The design is simple and effective, it is unlikely to slip in the wet as the whole base remains in contact with the ground irrespective of the direction in which weight is applied.

“The UnifootTM is simple, light, compact and relatively inexpensive. It is safer than a standard walking stick with the traditional rubber tip and may provide some individuals with an alternative to a Quadcane without foregoing significant loss of support."

Bronwyn Fewster
Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Perth, Australia

“I have used the UnifootTM for several weeks while recovering from a broken leg. I found it a great aid to walking, comfortable to use and convenient in that it was easily retrievable. I would recommend it to anyone needing a walking stick.”

Dr J V Allen
Pukekohe, New Zealand

“I find it’s like having another ankle. The biggest difference I noticed is that it absorbs a lot of jarring impact that you get with ordinary walking sticks.”

Theo Moreton
Motueka, New Zealand

“What bliss to just let go of the walking stick and not have it falling all over the place. It also feels more secure than the ordinary rubber end of the stick.”

Jean Whitta
Pahiatua, New Zealand